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Keeping your Company Healthy in 2017 | Denver Corporate Photographer

Untitled design (12)In 2016 I learned a lot about what you need to do to keep your company afloat! Here are my favorite tips for keeping your company healthy in 2017.

1. Communication is number one. Everyone in the company should be well versed in at least a little bit of everything. An open office space can help with that. People can bounce ideas off of each other throughout the day and everyone hears whats going on in the office so everyone is well informed.

2. Outreach. Putting yourself out there and reaching out to potential clients is a great way for growth in your company and with yourself. You will hear a lot of no-s, but when a yes comes it will all be worth it. With this you will begin to build confidence in yourself and in turn your company.

3. Company Culture. A happy company is a productive company! You don’t have to, or shouldn’t need to, hold your employees hands everyday at work, but a good job or a compliment here and there is a nice feeling for anyone. Throwing compliments around willy nilly could be detrimental to a company. Let your employees know when they do a good job and have a chat when something goes wrong.

4. Client interaction. Is key. The way you interact with your clients is what will make them return to you or not. Keep control of every situation, but make them feel they are valued and understood.

5. Brainstorming. A monthly brainstorming session for all departments is a great exercise. Talk about new ideas to try, the good, the bad and the ugly. Talking, writing everything out in a Google Doc and working on what is good and what is not will help develop good ideas and eliminate the not so great ideas.

What are your plans to keep your company healthy and growing this year? Share them in the comments below and good luck!keeping your company healthy (1)