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Make-up Tips for your Headshot Session

Make-up Tips for your next photoshoot (1)Your professional headshot is your first impression in the business world so you want to look your very best! Make-up can enhance your look but you don’t want to hide behind it! We at 211 Photography have put together a list of tips to help you look your best for your upcoming headshot session:

1.   Be yourself!  Our biggest piece of advice is to dress and look like you do in everyday life, just enhance those features a bit. Add on a necklace, earrings or any of your favorite jewelry. But remember what Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house,  look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

01-Denver Corporate Photogra

2.  Choose makeup that goes with your outfit:  If you are wearing a suit or more professional outfit make sure that your make-up is a bit more done up.  If you are going for a more relaxed look, make sure your make-up is natural.  Stay away from what your teenage self would wear, ie: glitters, bright colors, too much blush.  They don’t photograph well and most of the time are style trends that last for only a limited time. Think classic.

01-Denver Corporate Photogra 3.  Don’t cake it on:  Make sure you have the right color foundation for your skin tone, and that it is blended well. Remember there is always retouching work that can be done on blemishes after your shoot.  Also contour a bit but don’t use dark colors that will make your face look splotchy or too dark in areas (see top left).  If you need some help with this Ulta Beauty is a great place to buy products. They have consultants on hand to help you chose the best product for you! Think about even going and getting your make up professionally done on the day of your session. Most stores will do it for free, take advantage.

4.  Use neutral colors:  Head shots are typically from the bust up, so you don’t want to use colors that are too overwhelming. Pick an eyeshadow that accents your eye color, and a lipstick that goes well with your skin tone. Make sure these colors are not too bright that you fade away. A professional make up consultation can do wonders.

5.  Get a professional to do it for you!  You’re probably going to have this headshot for a while, so why not spend a little extra money to look and feel your best. Find someone who does makeup and is known for the look you are going for. Test them out before your headshot day to make sure you are getting the look you were wanting. Our go to gal for make-up is Michelle Knoebel. She works at Clementines a salon that is down the street from our studio so she is the perfect choice for your make-up artist, check her our at HERE .michelle knoebel pic for blog

Now you are ready for the perfect head shot session. Give us a call to book your session today.

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