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  • A brand is not a logo. It’s a promise

    As corporate photographers we understand corporate conventions and the need for images to be consistent with branding goals. All of our photographers possess all the necessary technical skills such as location and studio lighting, production and digital skills such as retouching and enhancement of facial features. We shoot digital so our turn around times are fast and ordering images is a snap. To discuss your next corporate head shot, event or branding shoot contact your nearest 211 studio and one of our photographers can guide you through the process.

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Giving Back | Denver Corporate Photographer

A few weeks ago I drove down from Denver to Colorado Springs. Colorado Business Bank was giving back to an organization called Court Care and I was there to capture their check presentation of $2,500.

Court Care:

  • Provides free, licensed child care for children of individuals who have court-related business in the Pikes Peak region.
  • Protects children from witnessing harsh and inappropriate court proceedings.
  • Helps parents and caregivers fully participate in their court business without the potential distraction children can cause.
  • Allows justices and court personnel to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Court Care website.

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New addition to the downtown Denver skyline | Denver Corporate Photographer

Fun fact about the new building at 1400 Lawrence St. in downtown Denver, I personally know the guy who designed the windows for it. When I went to photograph the outside one Friday night he popped into my head. I asked him at lunch the other day and he confirmed it.


So if you are in the neighborhood look up and admire the new addition to the Denver downtown skyline.

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Let us come to you | Denver Headshot Photography

Head shots can be a stressful time for most people. What to wear? Where to go? Make up. Accessories?!

Don’t worry we got you! Let us come to your place of business and make magic where you are comfortable! It is quick easy and maybe the wind will blow and give you some Beyonce hair!

Give us a call today


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National Western Stock Show | Denver Event Photographer

Happy Flash Back Friday!

Colorado Business Bank invited me to the National Western Stock show, it was my very first one ever and boy was it eye opening. This LA girl was way out of her element. BUT thanks to CoBiz I was able to experience the National Western Stock show VIP style and it was a truly once in a lifetime experience.

We started off with a delicious BBQ dinner and then headed down to CoBiz’s VIP box right on the rodeo rail. As I was photographing I almost got hit by a stray bucking horse. I went home smelling like an outdoor girl for the first time ever.

Thank you so much CoBiz for showing this city girl a good time.

Tell me your thoughts on the National Western Stock show. What are your favorite parts and how long have you been attending?

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Tips For Branding Your Company | Denver Business Photographer

Tips for Branding (1) In late 2009, Drew Shader knew that the city of Denver needed biscuits. Big, buttery, flaky, melt in your mouth biscuits. At the same time, the gourmet food trucks garnering so much publicity on the coasts had yet to migrate to Colorado; Drew thought that Denver needed one of those too. The idea of the Biscuit Bus and subsequently The Denver Biscuit Co was born. With the help of his wife Ashleigh and Executive Chef Jonathan Larsen, they created Denver’s first gourmet food truck, The Biscuit Bus. While the Biscuit Bus was being built, Shader and crew opened The Denver Biscuit Co in the back of his existing bar, The Atomic Cowboy.


Unsure as to whether Denver was ready for this unique breakfast concept, let alone one serving out of a well established drinking place, Denver Biscuit Company was a long shot at best. It didn’t take long before Drew and his crew realized that he had hit. After only a few months, weekend lines were stretching out the front door and wait times were upward of an hour. What started as a commissary kitchen for the Biscuit Bus had blossomed into Denver’s Best Breakfast, featured on multiple TV shows from The Cooking Channel to CNN, Headline News and many more.

Drew branded himself and his restaurant and it drew eyes to him. Local and national. Branding is the most important part of your company’s image. A brand is not a logo, it is a promise. A promise begins with the images you put forth. Images that are personal. Images that showcase the real you. One that people can relate to and want to trust. Here are a few ways photography can do that for you.

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1. Putting a face to your brand. When your face is attached to your brand, it becomes personal. People already love your brand and when they do, they want to know more about you! Displaying head shots or behind the scenes journalistic style images helps people relate personally to your brand. And a personal connection sells. Your clients, everyone, wants to feel valued. Show them a face that cares about them and believes in your brand.

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2. Consistency in your brand. Images taken by the same photographer on the same day or few days, styled the same way will be a uniformity to your brand. The colors will match, the images will have the same feel and people will understand who you really are as a company. Seeing is believing.

3. Marketing materials. Images created can be used for anything! Social media, press releases, your website, business cards, speaking engagements, events, appearances, the list goes on and on. Once you have a great head shot you are ready to put your best face forward. For you and your brand.

01-Denver Corporate Photogra4. Stand out from the crowd. One of the best places to stand out from the crowd is to do so in your own unique environment. Your place of business, your office space or in your very own backyard. A place personal to your business will show your clients what you are all about. Surround yourself with YOU.

Consistency is key when branding your buisness. One photography session. One style. One stand out brand. Let us make that happen for you today. Give us a call at 720-299-6278