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How to Deal with Balancing Work and Life | Denver Corporate Photographer


We all get there. Work becomes our life and our life becomes nonexistent. We are tired all the time and when we are not at work we don’t really want to do much more than Netflix on the couch all day. Are you with me? Here are a few tips that help me balance the work life delicate balance.

1. Set up boundaries. Your email has a preference for auto reply. You can set that up everyday when you leave the office and turn it off when you are back in the office. Let people and clients know when you are unavailable, but give them a time for which they can expect to hear from you. Your clients are not always working either.

2. When you are out of the office you our off work. Have those auto replies on? Good. Now relax and enjoy your time out of the office.

3. Make a running list for ideas when you are “off the clock.” Can’t turn your brain off? keeping a list of ideas to look back on when you are in the office will help you create a space where you can relax when you are out of the office and be productive when you are in.

4. Find a hobby. What have you always wanted to do? Catch up on that series? Read a new book? Go for a hike? Take your new found freedom from work to add in those things in life that you are also passionate about.

How do you feel now? Are you ready to relax outside of the office. Like anything, it will take time, but don’t let yourself feel guilty for that late Friday email to wait in your inbox until Monday morning. Auto reply remember. Share how you let yourself relax outside of work in the comments below.


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Let us come to you! | Denver Corporate Photographer

Let us come to you!

Group shots, head shots we can come down to your place of business and get everything we need in a about an hour.

Thinking of updating your office head shots? Give us a call to book a session that works into your busy schedule!

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Variety | Denver Head Shot Photographer

Looking for a new head shot?

We love to offer our clients variety. Wether it be backgrounds, outfit changes or accessories. A 211 Photography head shot will get you a little bit of everything.

Update yours today!

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Studio vs On-Location Headshots | Denver Headshot Photographer

Where you decide to take your professional head shots can tell a lot about you as a person. How do you want to portray yourself to the professional world?

In the studio

Looking for a classic head shot? In the studio could be for you. Usually if you work for a larger corporate company, they require you to have your head shot taken in a similar fashion to the rest of the company. Consistence is key when it comes to any company. With an in studio head shot you can choose a background that matches your companies image. Lighting can be controlled for a more glamorous look and you don’t have to worry about the elements or photo bombers.

Untitled design (10)On Location

With am on location setting, you can really up your head shot game. Choosing to do you your head shot in your own office can really bring out your personality. Picking a place you are truly comfortable in can let the real you shine through easily.

Lighting can be natural and bright.

Backgrounds can be personal.

An on location head shot session can bring out the lifestyle of your brand. It will let you have a unique photo that stands out from the crowd.

Studio vs Location 2Which would you prefer? In the studio head shots or at your designated location? Capturing the real you is what you want to accomplish in your head shot session.

Give us a call today and let us do that for you.

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Denver Petroleum Club Volunteer Day | Denver Corporate Event Photographer

The Denver Petroleum Club of Denver had their annual Volunteer day a few weeks ago. Members from the club participated at MANY different locations across Denver that day. Below shows members packing up lunch bags for school students.

And the Women’s Energy Network helped out by making breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House of Denver.

It feels so great to document so much giving. Thank you Denver Petroleum Club for inviting us along to capture the caring!

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