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Studio vs On-Location Headshots | Denver Headshot Photographer

Where you decide to take your professional head shots can tell a lot about you as a person. How do you want to portray yourself to the professional world?

In the studio

Looking for a classic head shot? In the studio could be for you. Usually if you work for a larger corporate company, they require you to have your head shot taken in a similar fashion to the rest of the company. Consistence is key when it comes to any company. With an in studio head shot you can choose a background that matches your companies image. Lighting can be controlled for a more glamorous look and you don’t have to worry about the elements or photo bombers.

Untitled design (10)On Location

With am on location setting, you can really up your head shot game. Choosing to do you your head shot in your own office can really bring out your personality. Picking a place you are truly comfortable in can let the real you shine through easily.

Lighting can be natural and bright.

Backgrounds can be personal.

An on location head shot session can bring out the lifestyle of your brand. It will let you have a unique photo that stands out from the crowd.

Studio vs Location 2Which would you prefer? In the studio head shots or at your designated location? Capturing the real you is what you want to accomplish in your head shot session.

Give us a call today and let us do that for you.

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