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Welcome to the holiday party season! What are you going to do to make your clients, partners and employees be excited to come, share it on their socials and generally make them happy to work for your company? Here are our top five tips to making your holiday party memorable.

1. Facebook live streaming. 2017 was all about the live stream. Want those who can’t be there almost enjoy the event like they were there or be jealous that they can’t be there? Live stream your event on Facebook. Make sure you are using a high quality camera or even a newer smart phone for great video quality. Make your viewer feel like they are there with you.

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2. Photo booths. This is probably the most popular part of any party! Do not leave out the photo booth! Have fun company related props, a fun and flashy background and a way for them to share them on all of their socials. Lots of photo booths can email you the digital images and even print out a copy for them to take home to remember the event.

3. Gift bags. Everyone loves free stuff. Reach out to clients and partners to see if they can donate anything to your cause. Big or small everyone will be happy to take something fun home with them.


4. Fun location. Think outside the box on your location. Hotel ballrooms are fine and beautiful, but what about a city landmark, the local pub or even that fun arcade? Some place that is a treat for you guests after a hard year of work.

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5. Open bar. Want to score some major brownie points with your guests. Open bars are the best. Just make sure to have a meeting before hand about party etiquette and that your bartender knows when to cut people off. You want everyone to remember your party and make it home safely.

A bonus idea is offering free or discounted Uber or Lyft rides home for you guests. Whatever you choose for you holiday party this year, make sure that your employees understand that they are appreciated and ready to start the new year with a bang!

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