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What to Wear to your Headshot Session | Denver Headshot Photographer

Having a tough time deciding what to wear to your head shot session? Here are our favorite tips to creating an image you will be proud to share everywhere.

1. Bring out your personality. The best thing you can do for your head shot is bring out your personality. Whether you are getting the head shots for branding, a new job, or just for fun, your personal style can make you stand out, and more relatable to the audience that is viewing them.

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2. Wear something that is comfortable and compliments your body type. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable, and if you are uncomfortable in your shoot it will show! Wear something that you are confident wearing and that compliments your body type. Remember some of the shots will probably involve you sitting so dress appropriately for that as well.

3. Dress appropriately. If you dress casually at work there is no need for the suit and tie for the your photo shoot. Look approachable and how you do at your everyday job. Don’t forget that friendly smile.02-Denver Corporate Photogra

4. Long sleeves look great on everyone. They are also more professional.

5. Choose the right colors for your skin tone. You don’t want to be washed out in your pictures and choosing the right colors for your skin tone are key to this.

6. Accessories should enhance your overall headshot. Adding some flare to your outfit is great but don’t wear an accessory that is too big or distracting. You are the focus of your head shot and there should be nothing that distracts the viewer from looking at your beautiful face.

How do you make yourself feel good for a head shot? What is your go to power outfit? Share with us in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed these tips for what to wear to your headshot session. Are you ready to get your headshot taken now?! Call us to book your appointment at 720-299-6278.

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