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What websites to look at when you are looking for a job | Denver Headshot Photographer

Finding a job in Colorado can be a hard thing.  Over hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Colorado in the past year and the market is saturated with highly skilled people. So how do you find a job in Colorado? Here are some great websites to get you started.

1. LinkedIn

2. Indeed

3. coloradononprofits.org

4. Andrew Hudson’s Joblist

5. BuiltIn Colorado

6. Craigslist

7. Denver Egotist

In the past I have found success with Craigslist. Who would have thought? I think that Craigslist is one of the most responsive places on the internet. Try and remember how many people are applying for jobs in Colorado and make sure that your resume stand outs out from the crowd. That is going to be your first impression. Make it a good one. And go start applying. Keep your head up and never stop trying!

Tips for finding a new JOB